Mary Good MFT / Ecotherapy / Holistic Psychotherapy in Sebastopol, California

Hello you.

Whoever you are, if you wonder if you are too different, too difficult or just too much, if you sometimes find yourself lonely in the world, if you are a person of color, if you are white, if you are part of the LGBTQ community, if you are straight ...You are welcome here. Here are some of the reasons clients find their way into my office: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Low Self-Esteem / Self Hatred
  • Parenting struggles
  • Feeling lost and / or stuck
  • Sorrow or fear about Climate Change / Degradation of the natural world

I create a safe space for us with empathy for the challenges you face and respect for the path you have already walked. I believe that the answers you seek are inside you, and I am here to help you reconnect with your deep, true self.  I approach our work together with compassion and wisdom, combining 20 years of working with others, plus personal experience, on the journey towards wholeness. Along with my professional training in Gestalt Therapy, Ecopsychology and Integral Counseling (see below), this also includes the arenas of herbalism, spiritual discipline, earth based healing methods, and natural history. While the journey that we take together will be unique to your needs, my hope is that your experience will be three-fold:

  • A more easeful mind, having found peace through new intellectual understanding and mindfulness practice.
  • A heart healed and comforted through the process of contacting old emotional memories in the body and giving them the attention they need to finish releasing.
  • A sense of wholeness, clarity and joy, through the gentle integration of all parts yourself (even the ones that seem unacceptable).

In addition to traditional 50 minute in-office sessions, I also offer an Ecotherapy option (90 minute and daylong sessions in the wild spaces of Sonoma County). Ecotherapy includes the added dimensions of:

  • Deeper understanding of personal cycles by experiencing their correlation with seasonal ones.
  • An increased sense of belonging through connection to place and its natural history; the stories, names and ways of the natural world and all its inhabitants.
  • A decrease of anxiety, depression and fear through greater intimacy with your internal sources of support, as well as the resources available through a reciprocal relationship with nature.
  • Increased vitality and physical health that occur by getting outside; higher immunity, lower blood pressure, serotonin release, vitamin D uptake, and better circulation through exercise.
  • Rejuvenated inspiration for giving back…to loved ones, your community and the environment.

My therapeutic style is intuitive and catered to your individual needs. I combine an inborn ability to give counsel with techniques that are supported by science and the field of psychology and neurology. I believe in the healing power of warm humor, along with being an empathic presence who really sees and gets you. I remain engaged in every moment of our work, while also holding space for your own truth to emerge. I make the darkest places feel safe to explore and celebrate with you as you move towards wholeness.  Some of the tools I employ include: Gestalt techniques, somatic awareness and experiencing, mindfulness meditation, Psychosynthesis, Depth Psychology, journeying, ancestral connection and CBT/DBT. 

I received an M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies in 2008. After my initial training in Gestalt therapy at the Church Street Counseling Center, I interned with The Holos Institute, a holistic counseling and ecopsychology center, and remain associated as consultant and educator. I currently see clients in my private practice in Sebastopol, CA. Prior to graduate school I worked extensively for 10 years with children (infant – 18yrs) as a teacher in Theater Arts (including Drama Therapy) and Environmental Education. 

I am also a Certified California Naturalist and specialize in edible and medicinal wild plants. I received my Permaculture Design Certificate in 2015 and am studying to become a Community Herbalist, building upon 12 years as a personal and family herbalist.

When not in session I enjoy my family and motherhood, wildcrafting, beekeeping and hanging out with our flock of 16 chickens.